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    Carestream Health is a dynamic company with over 100 years of leadership in medical imaging. Our 7,000+ employees serve customers in 150 countries around the world.

    We provide solutions that make you more productive, help you deliver better patient care, that move you forward.

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    Our bi-annual radiology ebook, e-Radiograph, is one of Carestream Health's knowledge sharing and education tools and activities. Each issue covers one topic of major interest to radiology professionals bringing knowledge and best practice sharing from one or more expert guest authors. Subscription is required to access the full ebook and to be notified of future editions. We welcome your feedback as well to help guide future editions.

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    We create inventive, elegantly simple solutions that offer radiology imaging and informatics professionals a smarter way forward.

    Digital solutions that evolve with you. Simple.

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    Technology alone does not maximize your productivity gains, your return and support—after the sale is complete.

    A partner who cares as much as you do. That’s Carestream.

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120 - The DRX-Evolution
Case Study DRX-Evolution Ruby Hall Clinic, Pune (PDF)  
The CARESTREAM DRX-Evolution has helped the Radiology Department at Ruby Hall Clinic reduce patient waiting time and provide improved accuracy in examining results.
60 - DRX-Ascend

The CARESTREAM DRX-Ascend delivers high-end DR system features at an affordable price for imaging centers, orthopedic facilities, urgent care clinics and hospital radiology departments.

Dr. Kavita Saggar

Radiologist Discusses Workflow Benefits of Carestream DRX Ascend System
Dr. Kavita Saggar, Professor and Head Radiology Department, Dayanand Medical Collage and Hospital, Ludhyana

60 - DRYVIEW CHROMA Imaging System

DRYVIEW CHROMA Imaging System  
2-in-1 Medical Printer, Which Gives Color Print on Paper and Diagnostic Images on Film.

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